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Nace en 1967 en la ciudad de Cuernavaca Morelos


Con temas, serios, divertidos, y reflexivos que son expresiones de su vida, experiencias y conocimiento. Sus temas están llenos de comprensión espiritual culturalmente distinta de la tradición del norte de Europa, nos proporciona historias y alegorías en papel y lienzo, manejadas tanto en acrílico como en óleo.



Exposiciones Individuales

2019 The Art of fashon JoAnne Ariman Gallery NY
2014 “Poorly Cut Cherry Halves” City Museum. Cuernavaca, Mor.
2009 Arden Gallery. Boston, MA.
2008 Rice/Polak Gallery. Provincetown, MA.
2007 Galería Uno. Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
2006 Ida Victoria Gallery. San José del Cabo, BC.
2004 Museo Casa del Lago. México, D.F.
2001 David Jacobs Atelier. Los Angeles, CA. 2
001 Galería Anima-löte. Cuernavaca, Mor.
1997 David Jacobs Fine Art. Los Angeles, CA.
1997 Galería Arte X Arte. Cuernavaca, Mor.
1996 IN COLLABORATION. Los Angeles, CA.
1994 Galería HB. México, D.F.
1993 Santo y Seña.  Galería Florencia Riestra, Casa de Colima.  México DF

Exposiciones Coletivas (selección)

2018 “Dealer’s Choice” Madison Gallery. La Jolla, CA.
2016 AAFNY. New York, NY.
2015 “Lost In Translation 2” JoAnne Artman Gallery. Laguna Beach, CA.
2014 “Eye Candy” JoAnne Artman Gallery. Laguna Beach, CA.
2008 Rice/Polak Gallery. Provincetown, MA.
Arden Gallery. Boston, MA.
2008 Bridge Art Fair. Miami, FL.
2008 Rice/Polak Gallery. Provincetown, MA.
2008 Arden Gallery. Boston, MA.
2005 Museo La Tallera Siqueiros. Cuernavaca, Mor.
2004 Galería Zarco. Cuernavaca, Mor.
2001 The Kitchen Gallery. New York, NY.
2001 Galería Uno. Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
1999 Centro Morelense de las Artes. Cuernavaca, Mor.
1998 Museo del Arzobispado. México, D.F.
1996 IN COLLABORATION. Los Angeles, CA.
1995 IN COLLABORATION. Los Angeles, CA.
1995 Museo José Luis Cuevas. México, D.F.
1994 IN COLLABORATION. Los Angeles, CA.
1994 Pinacoteca 2000. México, D.F.
1994 Galería Uno. Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
1993 Tlapalli Arte. Madrid, España.
1993 Galería Florencia Riestra. México, D.F.
1992 Galería HB. México, D.F.
Colectiva Cruz Roja, México D.F. y Monterrey N:L.
1992 Exposición colectiva Pinacoteca 2000, México DF
1992 Torre del Reloj Polanco. México, D.F.
1992 Galería Florencia Riestra. México, D.F.

Galería HB, México D.F.



1998 Grant FONCA Morelos jóvenes creadores.
1994 Honour Mention. Segundo concurso nacional de pintura INDART.
1992 Honour Mention. Primer concurso nacional de pintura INDART.


Rhode Island School of Design Museum.
Museo Claudio Jiménez Vizcarra.


Galero que lo representa:

David Jacobs Atelier
201 Entrada Dr
Santa Monica, CA 90402
phone: 310-573-1410
fax: 310-573-4375
Email: stilllife@earthlink.net
Hours: by appt




Palabras de Pedro Bonnin en su página web 2011

Art that interest me is like a mirror. Not a clear, ordinary mirror but a strange one: a blurry, foggy and sometimes dark mirror. A mirror that reflects not necessarily the world of physical objects around us but our inner world instead. The world of feelings, emotions, dreams, drives and thoughts that inhabit us. Sometimes this type of art is kind and reassuring, it tells us exactly what we want to hear. But other times it works like the evil witch´s mirror in Snow White telling us things that makes us uncomfortable. For instance, that we´re not the prettiest people in the kingdom, that we´re not as good or innocent or easy to understand as we would like to think we are. Things that we don´t necessarily want to hear but that may be nevertheless true. I believe in art that illuminates the life of the soul, both the uncharted regions of the self with its dark motivations and the well known obsessions like love, death, hope and desire that makes us the complex and interesting beings we are. Of course for an artwork to be effective aesthetic experience must come first but once the initial shock starts to fade an accomplished piece must make us think and by doing this we learn something about ourselves. We should be able to see the rich and varied ways that we humans are capable of produce to interpret and deal with what it means to be men and women sharing a common world. In this case, art operates like Alice´s in Wonderland mirror: it allows us to see into the other side to discover the infinite number of ways there are to look at the world with which to enrich our own personal views. There is one last metaphor of art as a mirror I would like to mention. It is the greek myth of Narcissus. As you know, Narcissus was a very handsome young man. When he was born the seer Tiresias prophesied that Narcissus will lead a long life as long as he never get to know himself. Cursed by the gods because of the many lovers he deceived, Narcissus sees his own reflection on the clear, undisturbed waters of a pond. This was not an ordinary pond but the pond of Artemis, the huntress goddess sister of Apollo capable, as his brother was, to heal or bring death to humans. Immediately Narcissus falls in love with his own image. Mesmerized by what he sees Narcissus is unable to move finding himself in a paradoxical situation: On the one hand he longs to posses what cannot be grasped and at the same time, even though he knows he´ll never have the object of his desire, he also knows, with absolute certainty, that this object (his own image) will never betray him, will never belong to anyone else but to himself. Unable to move, eat, sleep and be loved in return Narcissus dies. Where his body was a flower grows: the white narcissus. This, to me, is the perfect picture of what art does. Art captivates us, seizes our minds, our bodies and souls, and makes us fall in love with it. Art can only be understood at the risk of our own lives. I don´t mean that we need to die to understand a masterpiece but we definitely need to be shocked by it and changed by it, which is a way of dying and being born again. So art can be dangerous. Picasso, who was a very smart man, said once that “Art is a weapon” and also that “Art is a lie that speaks about the truth”. What kind of truth that is is for each one of us to find out. For my part, instead of talking forever, I will like to leave you with a very modest bunch of lies hanging from this virtual walls. I hope you enjoy them.