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This year at Tokyo Designers Week 2011, we have held the event around 4 themes; Design, Art, Music and Workshop. Companies, designers and students have submitted works under the overall theme of the event "LOVE - ARIGATO -" in different genre of creative disciplines.This year we have included workshops and music event to appeal to wider audience from children to adults and we have counted record number of 91,239 attendees.

This year we have appointed German architect Florian Bush as a creative director to design the entire exhibition space. His architectural background allowed him to design intricate yet dynamic structure of the exhibition site consisting of 200m tent and two giant domes symbolizing the growth and expansion of newly themed Tokyo Designers Week.

The Environmental Design Tent as the main content of the event provided exhibition space for national and international companies and designers. By putting no restriction on the booth height and by arranging the booths in checkerboard street pattern, we have created a town-like exhibition space.The Interactive exhibit using latest Smartphone technology by mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo was a seamless integration of the phone's multi-touch screen as an user interface and its visual output casted on the wall. The exhibit was both moving and awe-inspiring attracting large audience.In addition, we had corporate exhibition by Toto, Fujitsu and dyson as well as foreign exhibitions from Dubai and Canada.

"Tohoku to the Future" exhibition by organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ) was aimed to help the restoration of disaster affected area of Tohoku. KANSEI product exhibit section features internationally acknowledged craftsmanship by Akio Hirata and Sakamoto Otozo Shoten Co., Ltd. Other section features traditional Tohoku technology lacquerware, Aizu textile and Nambu ironware. The Tohoku restoration project section features Tohoku cotton project and Louis Vitton's "NPO Mori wa Umi no Koibito Undo (The forest is longing for the sea, the sea is longing for the forest movement)" Exhibits communicating Tohoku Kansei and the dynamic exhibition space utilising the timber was one of the highlight of the event.

This year we introduced two story shell scheme booths for corporations and designers. 4.8m high exhibit booths have opened up new possibilities given the limited booths floor space.

Also from this year we have created amateur designer exhibit section providing opportunities for people who aspire to become designers and also for people who simply enjoy being creative to showcase their works.

The customary bazaar designboom Mart was very popular throughout the event providing opportunities for national and foreign designers to sell their product and art works.

This year Student Exhibition Plus marks the 11th year and we have incorporated 6 new categories; architecture, graphic, fashion, textile, fine art and media art to the existing interior design and product design categories making it a total of 8 categories. And the exhibit area extended from the usual outdoor section to indoor of the Environmental Design Tent.

At the Container Exhibition, Food installations by 15 finalists of ZAGAT SURVEY competition were exhibited in addition to Corporate exhibition by Fujitsu and School exhibition by Tama Art University showcasing national and international talents.

Works from the "ARIGATO Workshop" held at primary schools and junior high schools in Tohoku from September to October were exhibited at the "ARIGATO PROJECT" section. The project was organized by the organizer of the Tokyo Designers Week, Designers Association to show gratitude to all the charity received from around the world. The project aimed to support the disaster-affected area through the power of art, design and music winning sympathies from the attendees.

This year we have held workshops ran by designers and artists for the first time. Around 20 workshops were held covering interests from illustration, design, movie making, fashion, art as well as neuroscience, beauty, yoga to lifestyle. An unique opportunity to collaborate with designers, involving children to adults have created a new scenery at Tokyo Designers Week.